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Look and Feel Fantastic in Luxurious Lotus Paradis Silk Trousers

Lotus Paradis trousers are a luxury collection of hand-sewn and woven silk trousers. They are a demonstration of the richness and uniqueness that only hand-weaving can achieve. Silky and flowing trousers, straight or palazzo are inspired by the most popular looks in today’s fashion world. Treat yourself to the sensual caress of natural silk with our timelessly styled trousers.



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The Story of the Lotus Paradis Brand

Lotus Paradis offers high-end fashion to all women who are attentive to the latest trends, but also desire ecological textiles. Our collection of trousers is made of pure silk that is woven and sewn in Cambodia. Our stylists draw a lot of inspiration from this high quality material.

We have a wide range of trousers for you to choose from: fluid and lightweight palazzo silk trousers, Diane and Maïtena straight leg trousers or if you prefer a sport chic look our Arsène black silk trousers with elasticated waistband. These pure silk trousers are feminine garments reminding of capris because they reveal the ankles. Our collection of trousers in bright colours and clean lines is designed for all occasions.

The Unique Qualities of Cambodian Silk

Pure silk is mesmerizing with its silky shine and infinite softness. Natural Cambodian silk offers many qualities: it is airy, light, washable and hypoallergenic. It adapts to different temperatures, providing freshness in summer and warmth in winter. The quality of the natural silk fibres is the result of detailed research and quality control. This way Lotus Paradis keeps ensuring the use of the best silk fibres for the best-woven final product. Our trousers have moiré, satin or matte reflections and are available in various rich colours.
There are different types of silk:  taffeta, shantung, fine silk, chiffon and organza. Each type has different qualities. Taffeta reflects the light by producing beautiful moiré effects. Our trousers are mostly made in this natural taffeta silk. Shantung, which is woven entirely with natural raw fibres, offers the charm of the past with its irregular patterns. This type of silk is also perfect for making trousers. The fine silk known as chiffon, a lightweight ecological fibre, is suitable for making tunics, midi dresses, scarves and stoles. It is possible to check if a silk is 100% pure by performing a simple test: burn one of the silk threads. If it emits a smell of burnt hair, it is genuine.

Fair Trade

All our trousers are hand-woven in Cambodia with respect to Fair Trade practices. With a positive and humanitarian vision, Lotus Paradis has built and developed its own regulations with a fair approach to the local society, economy and environment. Our commitment is to promote a culture of sustainability in luxury fashion, so that we can highlight Cambodia's expertise at an international level. Our Cambodian seamstresses have financial independence, a respectable social status, wages doubled compared to the average and the benefits of health insurance. It is therefore important to take a proactive look at the future by developing a culture of sustainable luxury fashion, while respecting both the environment of our planet and its inhabitants.

World Fair Trade Organization

Lotus Paradis silk is certified with a World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) label. This is an international label that promotes equality at work and recognition of artisans. The Dystar dye we use for our 100% pure silk trousers is certified by Ecotex. Ecotex is a worldwide dye quality tester that gives certification only for dyes that are found to be free of any toxic product harmful to health.

How the Lotus Paradis Brand Began

The story of Lotus Paradis is the result of the adventure and bold spirit of one woman, Sophie Brooks. On her very first trip to Cambodia she recognized and got caught up in the magic of the Cambodia silk. She created the Lotus Paradis business by positioning herself in sustainable fashion, ensuring that the silk cloth being used was produced in an environmentally friendly way. Since then, the brand has become one of the best in the fashion world and the go-to brand for women seeking luxurious, but ethical clothing.