Luxury sustainable Lotus and Silk clothing for women, 100% handmade in Cambodia.

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Look and Feel Glamorous in Luxurious Silk Dresses

Lotus Paradis is a brand that designs and produces luxury hand woven pure silk clothing. Each one is a demonstration of the expertise and dedication of the Cambodian seamstresses who make them. Each item is cut in elegant lines and has perfect finishing. These clothes make  women feel exquisite.



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€ 440.00

Vaporous chiffon dress perfect for hot days. Fine silk with a pearl shine.

Fabric : 100% chiffon silk, entirely lined

Color : Ivory

Length : 110 cm for size L

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Nothing feels and looks like a Lotus Paradis dress

Every Lotus Paradis dress brings something fresh and new to the fashion world and to any woman who is looking for unique dressing. It is all about luxury, and no effort or expense is spared to achieve this goal. The gowns are made of pure, all-natural silk that comes from sustainable sources. We choose sustainable sources, because we want to act environmentally responsible. With the best quality of eco-friendly silk, designers are able to create glamorous, original outfits.

Lotus Paradis creations have clean, simple lines. This is to give them a timeless, classic look that works for all seasons. While the brand is best known for its silk dresses, the collections include equally exquisite formal blouses, formal- and cocktail dresses, tunic-style dresses and even 50s designs that have a retro vibe. The collections come in a wide array of colours including subtle, neutral colors and bold, bright ones.

The unique properties of Cambodian silk

Apart from the designs, what makes Lotus Paradis collections unique is the silk they are made from. Cambodian silk is different for a number of different reasons. It is light and breathable, strong, durable and also anti-allergenic. Additionally, it adapts to weather conditions making clothes made out of it work for both warm and cold temperatures. Finally, this type of silk has a very soft and smooth texture, which makes it perfect for being dyed in all sorts of hues.

There are several types of silk:  taffeta, shantung, fine silk, chiffon and organza. Each types of silk has fibers that have different textures which is why they have different properties. Lotus Paradis prefers to use taffeta for the biggest part of the collection, because it reflects light in such a way that it creates a lovely moiré effect.

Shantung is another type of silk which has old-century charm. It is pure silk that is easy to use to create marvellous designs. We use this silk to make the brand's popular ivory dress and trousers.

Fine silk and chiffon are used to make tunics, scarves and stoles.

To test whether an item is made of pure silk or not, simply burn one of its fibers and if it is genuine, it will give off the smell of burning hair.

Commitment to Fair Trade

All the clothes in the brand's collections are made following Fair Trade practices. To ensure this, Lotus Paradis has implemented its own regulations that respect and are committed to economic, social and environmental protection. The brand's commitment is to help achieve a culture that promotes and protects sustainable luxury fashion.

This includes promoting Cambodian silk and haute couture internationally. Typically, expertise in Cambodian weaving is passed on from generation to generation. Our workshops recognize and support this while giving the workers an opportunity to earn enough money to make a living from weaving silk. Our efforts have been recognized by The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) who have certified Lotus Paradis silk. The certification recognition is given to labels that are working towards equality at work and promoting the interests of artisans. We also have a certification from Ecotex for the Dystar dye we use for dying the silk. Ecotex is a global certification that is given to products that are non-toxic, do not contain heavy metals and are not harmful to health.

How the story began for Lotus Paradis

Lotus Paradis is the brainchild of Sophie Brooks. From her very first trip to Cambodia, she was enthralled by the beautiful silk she saw being produced in this country. It inspired her to start the Lotus Paradis brand that could make use of the silk to create beautiful, glamorous clothes. The rest, as they say, is history. The brand continues to march to its own beat with new, magnificent collections.