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Go for Effortless Chic in a Lotus Paradis Silk Jacket

To dress well yet effortlessly for different occasions, choose Lotus Paradis silk jackets. Each one is made from luxurious artisanal silk from Cambodia. Our ethical clothing collection offers elegant blazers and silk bomber jackets which will give you a stylish and elegant wardrobe.



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Our jackets are made of taffeta or raw silk. Practical and lightweight, the jackets are unlined and complement day- as well as evening wear.

Lotus Paradis Jackets

Our fair trade collection of 100% natural silk jackets brings a breath of fresh air to fashion. We choose to work with pure silk for its beauty and benefits. The natural silk of Cambodia has many properties: it is airy, light, resistant, washable, hypoallergenic and it adapts to all sorts of temperatures: silk clothes feel fresh in the summer and warm in the winter. We make the most of this light and elegant fabric, so that we can create beautiful garments with particular attention to detail.

Our online store offers a choice of timeless jackets. Our three-quarter length sleeve, round-necked, tonal jackets embody elegance with a 1950’s vintage touch. Our chic, silk bomber jackets feature a gorgeous ivory shantung lining. Our blazers in anthracite or ultramarine gray taffeta give you the confidence you need when you are dressing for work or for special occasions. The quality of our natural silk fibers is the result of elaborate research and high quality control standards. When weaving the silk threads of different colors, we create extraordinary silks with different properties. This includes moiré silk, satin silks and matte silks which we offer in a range of bright colors.

The different types of silk

There are different types of silk: taffeta, shantung, fine pure silk, pure silk muslin and organza. These different types vary in weight and thickness.

Taffeta is a soft and smooth silk and is the most used in our collection.

Shantung has irregular patterns and has a fluted aspect which remind us of the charm of the past. You will love our shantung silk bomber jackets.

We use fine silk or chiffon to make our tunics, blouses and scarves.

To check if a silk fiber is pure. Burn a small piece of its thread, if it is pure, it will produce a smell that is similar to that of burnt hair.

Fair Trade

Lotus Paradis has built and developed its own Fair Trade practices with a positive vision that is respectful of economic, social and environmental factors. Our clothes do not contain any harmful products or chemicals. This is why we use the best 100% natural silk in the world which is Cambodian silk. The Cambodian weavers and seamstresses we work with gain financial independence and a respectable social status. They earn double the average Cambodian wage and enjoy the benefit of health insurance. We believe that as a whole, this is a positive outlook and approach to the development and culture of sustainability in the world of luxury fashion. It respects and protects both human and natural resources.

World Fair Trade Organization

Lotus Paradis silk has certification from the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). Certification is only given to organizations that are dedicated to equality at work and recognition of artisans. The Dystar dye used for our silk jackets is certified by Ecotex, a worldwide reference that gives certification to the use of non-toxic product that are not harmful to health.

Story of Lotus Paradis

The story of Lotus Paradis begins with the adventure of Sophie Brooks who created it. It took her only one trip to Cambodia to be deeply inspired by the beauty of this country. She couldn't help getting caught up in the magic of this beautiful, local silk which is recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world. She created her Lotus Paradis business by positioning herself in sustainable fashion. She also ensured that the high-quality clothing made from this unique fabric was sourced responsibly in order to preserve the environment. Over the years, the brand has grown to become a premium brand that is internationally known and recognized. If you require a tailor cut jacket in a unique design made of pure silk, and ethically made according to Fair Trade practices, Lotus Paradis is the brand to choose !