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Lotus flower collection

Our brand’s high-end collection is our Lotus Flower apparel. Cultivated in limited quantities, lotus fabric only recently appeared in the world of luxury fashion. Now, this fabric is coveted by the world’s major international designers. The unique advantage lotus fabric has over other fabrics is that it’s entirely eco-friendly.

Lotus flower collection

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€ 280.00

Elegant Stole  awarded Excellent Quality and Unique Fabric by UNESCO.

Fabric : 50% lotus, 50% silk

Colors : Beige/White

Dimensions : 200 cm x 100 cm


The lotus flower is said to contain a textile ‘hidden in the water’. This is because it’s stem, which sits concealed under the surface of the water, is what contains the extraordinary microfibers that artisans transform into lotus thread.
Subtly irregular in appearance, the lotus fibre resembles a raw silk or an antique linen. Lotus is also the most ecological fabric in the world. As an aquatic plant, it preserves the eco system surrounding it, including the water, the fish, and the insects.

Incomparable to other fabrics, the lotus possesses many unique qualities: it is waterproof, virtually crease-proof, washable, breathable, antiperspirant, and has a softness unrivalled to the touch. Its natural colour is ecru.

Every stage of lotus fabric production is carried out by hand to preserve the environment. The composition of the lotus fibre is chemical-free, and the DyStar dyes used are certified Oeko-Tex —an international label which verifies the dye is free from toxic heavy metals.


A symbol of divine purity in the Buddhist religion and many Asian cultures, the Lotus Flower emerges pure and clean from the muddy waters of the lake beds, symbolizing a spiritual awakening. It maintains its purity amongst a world of corrupt materials.
In 1951, a 2.000-year-old lotus seed was discovered. This seed sprouted and bloomed a flower, which was named 'the oldest flower in the world'.


Production takes place in Cambodia under the Fairtrade initiative. The weaving methods have remained traditional and are still done by hand. Making one jacket requires picking 6,500 lotus flower stems to create four metres of fabric, taking countless hours of meticulous work. With their expert hands, women extract the microfibres from the stems, which they then skilfully transform into thread. It’s a complex job done only for women. A Cambodian weaver produces 250 metres of thread per day. In four metres of fabric, there are 12.000 metres of yarn, equivalent to two months of work.


This beautiful Lotus Flower inspires high fashion designers to design glamorous dresses as well as elegant jackets and tops. Each piece is hand-sewn in Cambodia by diligent seamstresses. An array of innovative fabrics is used, the collection comprising pure lotus fabric as well as three blends: lotus and cotton, lotus and kapok fibre, and lotus and silk.
Our timeless and chic designs will lure you into the utmost comfort and captivating antique texture of the lotus. We also add flattering details for your figure: fringes, ruffles, embroidery, artisan buttons, openwork, and lattice. Our responsible fashion line is committed to an ecological approach that benefits our customers, artisans, and the environment.