Fair Trade

Lotus Paradis offers a collection of handmade clothes of unique quality in harmony with nature and humanity connecting the body and mind to the natural world. The purpose of Lotus Paradis is to help Cambodian women in precarious situations to achieve a better standard of living and a sustainable integration, offering women an opportunity for emancipation and recognition of their expertise across international fashion.

Fair Trade principles are respected at every step of the chain.

Natural silk clothes


Cambodian weaverWith a positive and humanistic vision, Lotus Paradis has built and developed its project in an equitable approach that combines economic, social and environmental criteria. We wish to participate in enableing women in poor villages in Cambodia to work independently, to live and to provide a decent living for their families, with the purpose to allow them a sustainable integration and promote their expertise internationally.

Both the weavers and the dressmakers have the advantage of working in an eco-friendly environment, neither the looms nor the sewing equipment contain heavy metal and chemical substances.

Some important factors in this fair approach:

comfortable sewing workshop

doubled wages

flexible schedules

training with international designers and couturiers,

respectful social criteria such as paid leave and health care, etc.

In the production and at all stages of the chain, the ecosystem is respected. The dyes are natural, environmentally friendly and traditional looms are used for weaving which consume zero polluting energy source. 

There is no intermediary between Lotus Paradis and the producing cooperative.

We are committed to offering quality products, 100% natural and ethical at reasonable prices while remaining attentive to the needs of our customers (customized production: choice of color and material).

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