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Our Cambodian silk is an ecological textile fiber with numerous qualities : washable, souple, strong, soft and shiny. Feeling cool when it is hot and warm during the cold season, our silk is lightweight and pleasant to wear.

Produced in villages in Cambodia, sericulture and weaving have remained unchanged for centuries. Nothing can compare to using human skills to create luxurious artisanal silk.


From Butterflies to Silk Threads 

Sericulture is the name given to silk production.

Silk threads emerge from caterpillars cocoons called "silkworms".

The bombyx butterfly is used to make silk threads. It cannot fly because its wings are atrophied and it dies a few days after reproduction. Its eggs give birth to worms who eat a large quantity of mulberry leaves. On reaching the caterpillar stage, the bombyx produces the precious fiber secreted in abundant slime coming from its mouth. It surrounds itself with thread forming a cocoon.

Only caterpillars which feed on mulberry leaves produce a yarn that is sufficiently flexible and strong enough to be used as a textile. One thread can measure between 0.5 and 1.5 km, but a single thread is too thin to be used alone. Using a suitable tool, we gather several threads, to obtain the thickness for the quality required.

Our silk is 100% natural from the farming of silkworms fed on mulberry leaves, to the use of Ecotex certified dyes free from heavy metals.

Lotus Paradis-39

Our Varieties of Silk

  • Raw silk has a natural and ancient texture, similar to an antique fabric.Thissilkcategory from Cambodia is considered to be the most beautiful in the world.

  • Taffeta silk has a smooth apearance. Highly appreciated in Haute Couture, taffetaoffersglamor to our creations.

  • Fine silk or chiffon, is slightly transparent. With a pearly effect, this texture is perfect for lightweight clothing.

  • Organza is the finest of all silks, perfect for creating scarves, extremely soft and delicate.