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The Lotus Flower

We have been inspired by the majestic sacred lotus flower to create our high-end fashion collection. As they are cultivated in such limited quantities, environmentally-friendly textiles have only just recently made their appearance in the luxury marketplace. In recent times, the lotus flower fabric has become much sought after by world-renowned, international fashion designers. Not only is it of an incredible finesse and elegance but, and this is what won us over most of all, it is eco-friendly too.

In Cambodia, our sacred lotus fabric has received three UNESCO Awards of Excellence and a prize from the French Textile and Clothing Institute which has recognized the Lotus fabric as the best natural microfibre in the world.

An Exceptional Fabric

The lotus flower evokes beauty and purity. In nature it is the only visible part of this sacred plant. Lotus fabric is created from fibres ‘hidden under water'. Effectively, the stem of the lotus is made up of extraordinary microfibres which the artisans transform into thread.

Slightly irregular in appearance, the Lotus material resembles raw silk or an aged linen.Weaving it is extremely delicate. This results in a fabric which is naturally beige in color which processes unique qualities. It is waterproof, practically wrinkle proof, washable, lightweight, sweatproof and is soft to the touch. Most importantly, the it's key quality is that it is fundamentally the world’s most eco-friendly material. The lotus is a water plant. It preserves the eco-system in which it grows including the water as much as the surrounding flora and fauna.

We wanted to respect the natural qualities of this plant and so, we have taken great care to choose dyes which are completely chemical free. We have chosen the German company, Dystar, who work under the brand name Ecotex, an international brand who make dyes without using any heavy metals.

Lotus Symbolism

The sacred lotus flower represents spiritual awakening in the Buddhist religion as well as in many other Asian cultures. It is also the symbol of divine purity. In nature, this flower, with its delicate petals in rich colors, emerges pure and clean from the muddy waters of the depths of the lakes in which it lives.

The Production

Hand production methods have remained a tradition inspired by ancient techniques. This delicate and complex work is carried out only by women. You might be surprised to learn that the creation of one jacket alone requires 4 metres of material made up of 6,500 stems of the lotus flower! This adds up to countless hours of precise work. In 4 metres of fabric, there are 12,000 metres of threads, which is the equivalent of 2 months’ weaving work. With their thousands of years of experience, the female Cambodian weavers delicately extract the microfibres from the stems by hand. The weaving process that follows is just as meticulous.Our production methods respect traditional techniques as well as, above all, encouraging Fair Trade in Cambodia.

The Collection

It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to our clothing line for a unique fashion experience. Our haute couture designers have been inspired by the magnificent lotus flower to create glamorous dresses, elegant jackets and tops. Each garment is meticulously handstitched in Cambodia by seamstresses. Our collection consists of a range of innovative materials, made of pure lotus and lotus/cotton, lotus/kapok and lotus/silk blends.

All our outfits are luxurious with a sophisticated finish, flattering to your figure, embellished with ruffles, flounces, stitching, crafted buttons and lattice-style cut-outs.

Thanks to the lotus flower, we offer you sustainable fashion which is part of an eco-friendly lifestyle choice.