The Lotus Flower Fabric

The flowers of Lotus fabric has received the Excellence Award of the UNESCO in 2012 for its exceptional virtues. This is the result of efforts in the production quality of the Cambodians working for the co-op in Cambodia we work with. This outstanding fabric is waterproof, anti-attache, breathable, similar to linen mixed with silk. For decades, the flower has been identified to symbolize wisdom and spirituality

fleur de lotus


The Lotus Sutra By Samatoa «We are all part of creation, all kings, all poets, all musicians; we have only to open up, only to discover what is already there. 

buddha Lotus Paradis»(Henry Miller)

In South Asia, the sacred Lotus is omnipresent in religious history. For Buddhists, it's a symbol of every man and woman's ability to surpass their conditions, no matter their origin, and accomplish themselves, just like the lotus flower growing tall until it floats above the muddy waters. As such, everyone has the potential to elevate themselves and to reach Buddha's state "without letting the world pollute them, like a lotus on water" as spoken by the Lotus Sutra, one of Buddhism's most important educational texts. Equally a symbol of fertility and erudition, as well as longevity, the plan on which Buddha is frequently seen sitting expresses all the promises of the future and of becoming a better man. We can equally read the Sutra as an encouragement to actively engage in others' lives as well as society.

Lotus Paradis believes in the symbolic strength of this text and it's using this same positive and humanist dynamic that it has developed its economical, social and environmental project, allowing vulnerable women from small Cambodian village to become autonomous, to live and to support their family decently.


The Lotus fabric has unique properties: it is naturally soft, light particularly breathable and crease-free. This is probably the most environmentally friendly fabric in the world that contains no chemicals or toxic.

lotus fiber

Turned and woven by hand following ancestral techniques.

lotus flower weaver


In 2012, the cooperative Samatoa in Cambodia submitted a sarong, made from their fibers of lotus, the craft of the UNESCO program and received their seal of excellence. The seal "encourages artisans to produce handicrafts using the skills, models and traditional themes in an innovative way in order to ensure the continuity and sustainability of these traditions and skills." The price is a sign of recognition by the jury of crafts of high quality materials. Thousands of years ago, art to create a fabric of lotus was known, but forgotten since. After receiving the seal of excellence, the tissues of the cooperative in Cambodia lotus received great attention from designers around the world.

lotus flower jacket


  • lightweight
  • breathable
  • Shiny
  • particularly soft
  • crease resistant 
  • lint resistant

It's resistance to traction and tear makes it perfectly suited for jackets, dresses, coats and stoles in lotus fabric.
Weight: 130 grams / meter (34 mommes)

[1] according to a report of test conducted in 2016 by IFTH (french textile and clothing Institute) the fabric of the cooperative Samatoa lotus is unique, with unique properties. Quantities are very limited and uncertain. We have made all our colors with a non-metallic dye from dyed quality (dystar). The lotus fabric is the first natural microfiber and probably the most eco-friendly fabric of the world and has unique properties. Like other microfibres, lotus has remarkable properties: it is surprisingly resistant, soft and durable.

lotus fabric suit

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