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What do we mean by ethical fashion?

Put simply, we respect our craftswomen, our customers and we preserve the environment.

For our weavers and dressmakers

Providing jobs for women in Cambodia allows them to support their families and enjoy more freedom in their working lives. Lotus Paradis' team of seamstresses work in a comfortable workshop in the city of Siem Reap in Cambodia. They work on our collections with motivation and passion.

The weavers work from their own homes which allows them to weave at their own pace. During the rainy season when the lands are flooded, they can move their looms to the upper floor of their stilt houses, enabling them to work throughout the whole year.

For our customers

Ecological: Our clients benefit from 100% natural clothing.

Quality control: Rigorous control throughout the weaving and sewing processes.

Washable: Wash in lukewarm water using a mild detergent suitable for silk/delicate fabrics. Clothes are better ironed when still damp with a steam iron. The more the garment is washed, the texture will be softer on your skin.

Antiallergenic: Our fabrics are ideal for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers, without any chemical additions.

Flexibility in the choice of color and / or quality of fabrics according to availability.

For the environment

In 2011, Greenpeace International conducted a survey on the products used by manufacturers in the "fast fashion" industry. The presence of toxic chemicals was detected in 63% of the items analyzed. Greenpeace scientists are denouncing the water pollution caused by the release of harmful products in the countries where the clothing is being manufactured, which also causes pollution to the water table and the food chain. Do major textile brands not make citizens and consumers unintentional accomplices and potential victims of the global cycle of contamination?

As opposed to these damaging methods, our clothes reflect the link with the nature that composes them. The looms are made of natural wood avoiding chemicals coming in contact with the silk or lotus fibers. Furthermore the colors used for dying the fabrics do not contain heavy metal harmful to the skin.

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