Lotus Paradis, Ethical Fashion

What does Lotus Paradis means with ethical fashion ?

Preserving the environment, and treating each person with respect and dignity are our principles for a sustainable fashion business.


The cooperative with which we collaborate in Cambodia works for the emancipation of women and consequently allows them to support their families.

Weaving is done entirely by hand using traditional Khmer looms that do not use any polluting energy sources. The weavers work from their villages. They install their looms at homes, work at their own pace and according to the needs of customers. During the rainy season, they move their looms in the upstairs room to carry on working while the land is flooded. This allows them to continue weaving all year long.

Unlike multinationals, dressmakers realize your silk clothes in a human-sized workshop and with a state-of-the-art equipment. They work regularly in collaboration with stylists, designers adding their knowhow in the Lotus Paradis creations.

cocktail dress in silk

Here are Lotus Paradis’ commitments:

  • We promote an eco-responsible fabric for the respect of nature and people
  • The dyeing products used are free from heavy-metals.
  • Weaving is completely done by hand, using traditional wooden looms that consume no polluting energy source.
  • We like to protect the environment and people, therefore we do not use any toxic nor chemical substances in the thread to the finished fabric.

natural dye for silk

As opposed to multinational groups, Lotus Paradis prides itself in knowing precisely how our clothes are produced and that working conditions respect the needs of workers at every step of the production line.


Our customers benefit from 100% natural silk quality that contains no non-natural substances. Each garment is meticulously made by hand with delicate details. In addition, we pay particular attention that each garment undergoes rigorous quality control at every stage of production. The dressmakers are trained by stylists and modelist and they adapt to actual fashion trends.

Our silk has the advantage of being washable in luckwarm water with a gentle soap for silk. Clothes are easy to iron, preferably while still damp. The more it is washed, the softer the texture. Our responsible silk is perfect for sensitive skin and allergies. Another advantage, silk adjusts with temperatures, feels cool when it is hot and warm when it is cool.

Lotus Paradis offers you the possibility to tailor for particular needs, a bespoke garment of your choice in a different color or material depending on availability (taffeta silk, raw silk, fine silk, chiffon silk).


In our ecological approach, dyes are made from plants, bark that are neither harmful to the environment nor to your health. Harvesting silk threads is in harmony with nature. The looms are made of traditional natural wood using no polluting energy source. Bicycle wheels act as engines, and nothing comes into contact with chemicals.

In 2011, Greenpeace International conducted a survey of the products used by the manufacturers of the major fashion brands "fast fashion". The presence of toxic chemicals (including other NPEs: nonylphenol ethoxilates) was detected in 63% of the items analyzed. Endocrine disruptors have also been detected. Greenpeace scientists report in a first report, the pollution of rivers caused by the release of harmful products in countries of manufacture of clothing, which also causes pollution of the water table and the food chain. Do major textile brands not make citizens and consumers unintentional accomplices and potential victims of the global cycle of contamination?

plant for dye

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